Monday, 27 February 2012

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: One
‘The Christmas murder' a ghastly title to a newspaper article which in tales the story of a murdered teenager just off the Rocky Road, written by Carl Nixon 'Rocking Horse Road' tells us the story of a teenage murder and the vital pieces of her life, in chapter one we see the image of a girl lifelessly lying on the beach exposed and after a meer passer-by find this ghastly sight, the whole town then comes calling like a large game of 'Chinese whispers'. After she has been identified as a small town Lucy Asher her parents start to grieve different way by throwing away all the memorabilia as if Lucy never existed and Nixon shows the real meaning of everyone grieves in a different way. The upcoming events in this chapter were the police are scowling the ground for a piece of vital evidence which will be used to unmask the Christmas murder’. Set in the 1980s in a coastal rural town in New Zealand this first chapter has shown me that even though bad things happen and that it may affect a tight knit community for every bad situation there is hopefully a better outcome.

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