Friday, 23 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 7th and last Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Seven
Pete died, his fully religious funeral and ceremony was a small gathering of his mother the boys and a few work colleagues. As they spread his ashes in the beach and as the group start to go their separate ways to try start a normal life, the boxes of evidence collect dust on the shelf and after a decade of trying to figure out who Lucy’s killer is there is a new lead only partial but that’s all they need tony Pete’s brother is looking very suspicious as he was there for Lucy’s murder but then left to travel with the Navy but a moth or two later a girl was found sexually abused and strangled to death chucked in the ocean and found on the beach and again tony was in port for this, suspicious. So by this slight glimmer of hope at the end they never did catch Lucy’s killer but tony is now at the top of list. So this goes to show that in every storm there is always a silver lining even if it is small and hard

Rocking Horse Road 6th Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Six
After scraping through their brains they couldn’t find anyone who was old enough to even remotely match the initials SJ, but at the same time the Springbok tour had started and a riot had broken out, a march was on the night they found who’s face belonged to these haunting initials, it was the march to get the Springbok out of new Zealand and to get the tour to stop, as the march progressed through the small town in rocking horse road it passed the pub and as the pub goers are full ruby fans of course a fight broke out and SJ got a few hits in himself, so as SJ got identified top be a 23 year old unmarried teacher from Dunedin, he didn’t seem much like the killer type until the boys broke in to his house and found some pornography photos of the late Lucy Asher, this caused trouble and what was to come of next was no surprise they showed the other boys and to everyone’s shock they were disgusted to see such discriminating photos of Lucy, they all had the same tough and it happened without a word said to any of them, they went to SJ’s house smashed the windows and smashed him until he had a severe concussion a broken wrist and a shattered knee, SJ fled during the night and not heard of until later in the boys lives, this shows that a small spark of anger can get out of control and since he was proven innocent as he was not around when the murder took place the boys still felt relieved to see the back of SJ.

Rocking Horse Road 5th Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Five
In just two months Pete being informed that he has Prostate cancer has slimmed down and looks years younger according to his mates. After going for his morning ritual walk, the nosey neighbour that everyone hates came in handy as the pain shot Pete in the lower abdomen and he was knocked to the ground hunched over, as the ambulance men came he saw Lucy Asher, but it was just a hallucination. During the lost and found duty Mark found Lucy’s private diary revealing the mystery man SJ. And once you hear of someone new you have never meet you always try to put a face to the name or in this case these initials, so this just shows that we assume a lot in our lives from serious things like who killed Lucy Asher to what Does SJ look like and who is SJ, and will they find who he is?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 4th Summary

Title: Rocking Horse RoadAuthor: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Four
The attacker of Jenny Jones and Tracey Templeton has been caught, a thirty year old Maori man had pleaded guilty on the attack. Wiremu Jones. Lucy’s killer still hasn’t been caught, but along the way the detective kids decided to help out and save some bird who were being eating by a town stay. Or at least that’s what they thought. After building a trap they caught the dog who has been killing all these birds but an unexpected consequence has happen, the dog drowned, in the shallow depths of the rain filled hole, a Jack Russell named Mac who has been terrorising the birds fell into the hole and drowned but made an attempt to get out as the visible scratch marks up the side of the trap show the fight he put up Mark then shimmied down and fished the body out they had a ceremony for the beloved dog. Later Mary-rose had been messing around in the local surf lifesavers shack with Brent Cox also commonly referred to as Cox, after they had finished making out and being more intimate grant then snatched their clothes, emerging from the dark with a kids life jacked covering his groin ‘Cox’ didn’t looked to please. Mr Asher on the other hand has been going to the pub ever morning at nine thirty to drown his sorrows in the top shelf liquor, then driving home ‘sloshed’ to carry on with a secret project that he makes every day. This has a ;large impact as people often assume that if someone gets sent to jail that they will be saints when they come out this is not the story you can’t help someone who refuses to be helped and in Wiremu’s case this is the story of him molestering young girls over and over again all across the country, this is also like Mac’s situation where people assumed that the dog terrorising the birds had to be a stray because a family pet wouldn’t do that, this proved me wrong and I’m glad Carl Nixon was able to capture the politically incorrect and the other side of things.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 3rd Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Three
“We had started to see that there were shadowy places all around us that were better left undisturbed.” This shows that where ever you go in the world there are always places that you don’t want to see and people who you will try to forget, but won’t be able to, this is shown that even in your neighbourhood you may have someone like Amy a mother of two four year old twin boys who does sexual favours for money out of her house, as the kid detectives decide that since Lucy was raped and then murdered they would start with Amy to see if there were any common clients from her ‘business’ that could be class as a sex addict, after watching her house for just over two weeks they found nothing apart from seeing Bill Harbidge Jase’s dad appear one night on Amy’s door step and then slink inside this was the last night the boys would cover her house as it was embarrassing for Jase but also the thought of that if his dad goes to Amy every once and a while why wouldn’t their own fathers, this left a unwanted thought in their mind and as they concluded that there shall be no more night watchers on Amy unless specified with the group. This has a large impact on the world as more people are having to turn to this like this because of money and a normal person in your eyes could have a shady side making them not who you think they are, there is always two sides to a story but in most cases people only want to see one side the good side. This is directly related to the real world as people who appear in front of you aren’t always who you think they are just like Bill Harbidge, my personal reaction towards this chapter was that the boys detective skills are growing and they are starting to really think about what or who could help lead them, but assumptions can’t get you everywhere hopefully they have the skills needed to help to find Lucy Ashers killer, and is it the same man who tried to kidnap Jenny Jones?

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fast Talking Poem

Fast talking poem

I’m an opinionated kiwi
I’m a music loving kiwi
I’m a smells like llama in here mraahh kiwi
I’m a bitzer kiwi
I’m a riding my Locness monster to school kiwi
I’m a barbecuing, spontaneous, big haired kiwi
I’m an L&P loving kiwi
I’m a red lips kiwi
I’m a lazy, crazy, mental, talkative kiwi
I know how to live in this world
I know how to organise everything
I know how to play different sports
I know how to cook
I’m a wannabe physio kiwi
I’m an ice cream sundae kiwi
I’m a tumblr using, top knot having animal loving kiwi
I’m a multi-tasking kiwi
I’m a unique kiwi
I’m a red hair, smart, a bit of both, understanding kiwi
I’m a wanting a top hat kiwi
I’m a living breathing descendant of my ancestor’s kiwi
I’m a living, underestimated brainy kiwi
I know how to live in this world
I know how to drive stick
I know how to speak a little Russian
I know how to bake
I’m a look just like your mother kiwi
I’m a Disney loving kiwi
I’m a little kid at heart kiwi
I’m an organised, music playing, book reading kiwi
I’m a change my hair colour every term because I’m bored kiwi
I’m an artistic kiwi
I’m a comedian kiwi
I’m a leopard print loving, turquoise wearing, stud wearing kiwi
I know how to live in this world.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Chapter 2 Rocking Horse Road

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Two
A clear view of the Asher’s dairy from Tugs room, this was able to show the comings and goings of all the visitors the police being a main contributor, after their daughter’s death m rasher went away early in the morning to what people suspected work on the outskirts of town, but is that really where he was going? Mrs Asher and Carolyn the gloom stricken pair at home accompanied with visits from friends, neighbours, the police, and even the undertaker. Roy Moynahan, his mother and little sister were the one of the first visitors to go inside the Asher’s house, as they sit there in a sea of flowers the dust on the table from the police checking for finger prints made this house look more like a crime scene rather than the Asher’s living quarters, a time for looking around, Roy went and searched Lucy Asher’s bedroom to see if he could find any clues to go towards his friends case study on the death of Lucy Asher, as he snuck into her room and stood in front of her closet he felt honoured to be able to see the thing that was one of Lucy’s last glances as he stared face first into the mirror, he was being watched, Carolyn lying in her sister clothes walks up and plants a kiss right on Roy’s lips with such intense and passion in chapter two we see, the wanting the answer to the ‘six million dollar question’ who killed Lucy Asher? As they trail through the streets they question their imagination of their theory that an older man or teenage boy must of killed Lucy Asher, they question every man and teenager they come across “was it him? Or him? Him? “But without any evidence for anything Mr Asher stayed in the forefront of their brains and high on their suspect the boys grown older and they get wiser the interviews dwindle down to none and they just joke around with the fact that they were once detectives. Pete one of the boys id hit with testicular cancer that goes to his brain and lungs, they laugh it off hoping it will be ok “like the beer ad said ’yeah, right’".