Saturday, 10 March 2012

Chapter 2 Rocking Horse Road

Title: Rocking Horse Road
Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Two
A clear view of the Asher’s dairy from Tugs room, this was able to show the comings and goings of all the visitors the police being a main contributor, after their daughter’s death m rasher went away early in the morning to what people suspected work on the outskirts of town, but is that really where he was going? Mrs Asher and Carolyn the gloom stricken pair at home accompanied with visits from friends, neighbours, the police, and even the undertaker. Roy Moynahan, his mother and little sister were the one of the first visitors to go inside the Asher’s house, as they sit there in a sea of flowers the dust on the table from the police checking for finger prints made this house look more like a crime scene rather than the Asher’s living quarters, a time for looking around, Roy went and searched Lucy Asher’s bedroom to see if he could find any clues to go towards his friends case study on the death of Lucy Asher, as he snuck into her room and stood in front of her closet he felt honoured to be able to see the thing that was one of Lucy’s last glances as he stared face first into the mirror, he was being watched, Carolyn lying in her sister clothes walks up and plants a kiss right on Roy’s lips with such intense and passion in chapter two we see, the wanting the answer to the ‘six million dollar question’ who killed Lucy Asher? As they trail through the streets they question their imagination of their theory that an older man or teenage boy must of killed Lucy Asher, they question every man and teenager they come across “was it him? Or him? Him? “But without any evidence for anything Mr Asher stayed in the forefront of their brains and high on their suspect the boys grown older and they get wiser the interviews dwindle down to none and they just joke around with the fact that they were once detectives. Pete one of the boys id hit with testicular cancer that goes to his brain and lungs, they laugh it off hoping it will be ok “like the beer ad said ’yeah, right’".

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