Friday, 23 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 7th and last Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Seven
Pete died, his fully religious funeral and ceremony was a small gathering of his mother the boys and a few work colleagues. As they spread his ashes in the beach and as the group start to go their separate ways to try start a normal life, the boxes of evidence collect dust on the shelf and after a decade of trying to figure out who Lucy’s killer is there is a new lead only partial but that’s all they need tony Pete’s brother is looking very suspicious as he was there for Lucy’s murder but then left to travel with the Navy but a moth or two later a girl was found sexually abused and strangled to death chucked in the ocean and found on the beach and again tony was in port for this, suspicious. So by this slight glimmer of hope at the end they never did catch Lucy’s killer but tony is now at the top of list. So this goes to show that in every storm there is always a silver lining even if it is small and hard

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