Friday, 23 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 5th Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Five
In just two months Pete being informed that he has Prostate cancer has slimmed down and looks years younger according to his mates. After going for his morning ritual walk, the nosey neighbour that everyone hates came in handy as the pain shot Pete in the lower abdomen and he was knocked to the ground hunched over, as the ambulance men came he saw Lucy Asher, but it was just a hallucination. During the lost and found duty Mark found Lucy’s private diary revealing the mystery man SJ. And once you hear of someone new you have never meet you always try to put a face to the name or in this case these initials, so this just shows that we assume a lot in our lives from serious things like who killed Lucy Asher to what Does SJ look like and who is SJ, and will they find who he is?

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