Thursday, 22 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 4th Summary

Title: Rocking Horse RoadAuthor: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Four
The attacker of Jenny Jones and Tracey Templeton has been caught, a thirty year old Maori man had pleaded guilty on the attack. Wiremu Jones. Lucy’s killer still hasn’t been caught, but along the way the detective kids decided to help out and save some bird who were being eating by a town stay. Or at least that’s what they thought. After building a trap they caught the dog who has been killing all these birds but an unexpected consequence has happen, the dog drowned, in the shallow depths of the rain filled hole, a Jack Russell named Mac who has been terrorising the birds fell into the hole and drowned but made an attempt to get out as the visible scratch marks up the side of the trap show the fight he put up Mark then shimmied down and fished the body out they had a ceremony for the beloved dog. Later Mary-rose had been messing around in the local surf lifesavers shack with Brent Cox also commonly referred to as Cox, after they had finished making out and being more intimate grant then snatched their clothes, emerging from the dark with a kids life jacked covering his groin ‘Cox’ didn’t looked to please. Mr Asher on the other hand has been going to the pub ever morning at nine thirty to drown his sorrows in the top shelf liquor, then driving home ‘sloshed’ to carry on with a secret project that he makes every day. This has a ;large impact as people often assume that if someone gets sent to jail that they will be saints when they come out this is not the story you can’t help someone who refuses to be helped and in Wiremu’s case this is the story of him molestering young girls over and over again all across the country, this is also like Mac’s situation where people assumed that the dog terrorising the birds had to be a stray because a family pet wouldn’t do that, this proved me wrong and I’m glad Carl Nixon was able to capture the politically incorrect and the other side of things.

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