Monday, 19 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 3rd Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Three
“We had started to see that there were shadowy places all around us that were better left undisturbed.” This shows that where ever you go in the world there are always places that you don’t want to see and people who you will try to forget, but won’t be able to, this is shown that even in your neighbourhood you may have someone like Amy a mother of two four year old twin boys who does sexual favours for money out of her house, as the kid detectives decide that since Lucy was raped and then murdered they would start with Amy to see if there were any common clients from her ‘business’ that could be class as a sex addict, after watching her house for just over two weeks they found nothing apart from seeing Bill Harbidge Jase’s dad appear one night on Amy’s door step and then slink inside this was the last night the boys would cover her house as it was embarrassing for Jase but also the thought of that if his dad goes to Amy every once and a while why wouldn’t their own fathers, this left a unwanted thought in their mind and as they concluded that there shall be no more night watchers on Amy unless specified with the group. This has a large impact on the world as more people are having to turn to this like this because of money and a normal person in your eyes could have a shady side making them not who you think they are, there is always two sides to a story but in most cases people only want to see one side the good side. This is directly related to the real world as people who appear in front of you aren’t always who you think they are just like Bill Harbidge, my personal reaction towards this chapter was that the boys detective skills are growing and they are starting to really think about what or who could help lead them, but assumptions can’t get you everywhere hopefully they have the skills needed to help to find Lucy Ashers killer, and is it the same man who tried to kidnap Jenny Jones?

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