Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fast Talking Poem

Fast talking poem

I’m an opinionated kiwi
I’m a music loving kiwi
I’m a smells like llama in here mraahh kiwi
I’m a bitzer kiwi
I’m a riding my Locness monster to school kiwi
I’m a barbecuing, spontaneous, big haired kiwi
I’m an L&P loving kiwi
I’m a red lips kiwi
I’m a lazy, crazy, mental, talkative kiwi
I know how to live in this world
I know how to organise everything
I know how to play different sports
I know how to cook
I’m a wannabe physio kiwi
I’m an ice cream sundae kiwi
I’m a tumblr using, top knot having animal loving kiwi
I’m a multi-tasking kiwi
I’m a unique kiwi
I’m a red hair, smart, a bit of both, understanding kiwi
I’m a wanting a top hat kiwi
I’m a living breathing descendant of my ancestor’s kiwi
I’m a living, underestimated brainy kiwi
I know how to live in this world
I know how to drive stick
I know how to speak a little Russian
I know how to bake
I’m a look just like your mother kiwi
I’m a Disney loving kiwi
I’m a little kid at heart kiwi
I’m an organised, music playing, book reading kiwi
I’m a change my hair colour every term because I’m bored kiwi
I’m an artistic kiwi
I’m a comedian kiwi
I’m a leopard print loving, turquoise wearing, stud wearing kiwi
I know how to live in this world.

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