Friday, 23 March 2012

Rocking Horse Road 6th Summary

Title: Rocking Horse Road Author: Carl Nixon
Chapter: Six
After scraping through their brains they couldn’t find anyone who was old enough to even remotely match the initials SJ, but at the same time the Springbok tour had started and a riot had broken out, a march was on the night they found who’s face belonged to these haunting initials, it was the march to get the Springbok out of new Zealand and to get the tour to stop, as the march progressed through the small town in rocking horse road it passed the pub and as the pub goers are full ruby fans of course a fight broke out and SJ got a few hits in himself, so as SJ got identified top be a 23 year old unmarried teacher from Dunedin, he didn’t seem much like the killer type until the boys broke in to his house and found some pornography photos of the late Lucy Asher, this caused trouble and what was to come of next was no surprise they showed the other boys and to everyone’s shock they were disgusted to see such discriminating photos of Lucy, they all had the same tough and it happened without a word said to any of them, they went to SJ’s house smashed the windows and smashed him until he had a severe concussion a broken wrist and a shattered knee, SJ fled during the night and not heard of until later in the boys lives, this shows that a small spark of anger can get out of control and since he was proven innocent as he was not around when the murder took place the boys still felt relieved to see the back of SJ.

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